Social Worker (SSW) – Retirement Home Administration Team Member

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Social Worker (SSW) – Retirement Home Administration Team Member

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Job Title Retirement Home Administration Team

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Tiomara Management

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The specific skill sets in part consist of administration of the following:

1) Tenant and Personnel Management Systems

Establishing the reporting routines and data collection required to operate our model of housing:

i) maintain and develop application systems - accept application of new tenants, collect data from tenant and assess their ability to thrive in our environment

ii) maintain and develop personnel work reporting systems and inspect for accuracy. 


2) RHRA Systems Management 

Become knowledgeable in RHRA (Retirement Home Regulatory Authority) in terms of legislation, regulations and internal policies: this requires:

i) establishing set of policies and maintaining updates

ii) training staff in all policies and reporting requirements

iii) developing reports that will satisfy the annual inspection of RHRA.


3) City of Toronto Rent Supplement Systems Management

Become knowledgeable in City of Toronto Affordable Rental Housing Subsidy Administration  

i) this entails computing ODSP and Senior Citizen incomes available to tenants

ii) developing ability to negotiate with City subsidy department the rent supplement that should be offered to each new tenant

iii) increasing rents on an annual basis as per rent legislation in Ontario.


4) Canadian Disability Pension and Senior Pension Incomes Management

All of our tenants have one or the other of the above. The Tenants themselves have difficulty applying for maximum benefits.


5) Pharmaceutical Systems Management for Tenants with Mental Health Challenges

Help overview the management of pharmaceutical drugs, establishing routines and data recording for unregulated care providers.


6) Personnel Training Systems Management

Training, one at a time, (untrained) personnel in PSW, dining and cleaning routines, and maintaining records of the training and reviewing the work of the trainees.


7) Social Media Systems Management


8) Supervision for this Position

Your immediate assistant for the above responsibilities would be the Tiomara Systems Administrator

Your employment supervisor would be the Tiomara Executive Director


Tiomara is a developer and manager of private apartments for independent seniors with chronic mental health challenges.