President and Chief Clinical Officer

Advertisement for the Position of President and Chief Clinical Officer,

The Southdown Institute

Are you a mental health professional, a committed Catholic with a faith-based life, and an experienced leader seeking a role that will allow you to strengthen and foster health and well-being in men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of Catholic communities and congregations? Are you seeking to make a contribution to individual clergy, the laity and the Church through your deep faith, servant leadership and clinical expertise?

If so, the role of President and Chief Clinical Officer for Southdown may be of great interest to you.

Southdown, guided by the teachings and charisms of the Catholic Church, seeks to fulfill a vision of “healthy individuals, healthy communities and a healthy church,” by offering preventative and restorative care and therapy for vowed men and women religious, ordained clergy, lay pastoral ministers and laity. Southdown is seeking a new President and Chief Clinical Officer to construct the way forward for the organization and its vital work.

The President and Chief Clinical Officer of Southdown will be a devout Catholic, either a member of a religious order, an ordained clergy or a faith-filled lay individual. The successful candidate will bring extensive prior leadership experience, excellent interpersonal and communications skills, combined with advanced clinical training in a field such as psychology or social work, in order to collaborate respectfully with a strong clinical team and the entire Southdown community. The new leader will understand the perspective of Southdown’s clients, particularly the unique expectations and challenges experienced in mission and ministry, thus setting a context in which Southdown provides valuable therapeutic support, healing and restoration.

The President and Chief Clinical Officer will serve as Southdown’s ambassador to the Catholic community and will build relationships with diocesan and religious leaders, continuing to enhance Southdown’s contribution as a known and respected resource able to support and assist in the recovery and redirection of members of the religious and the clergy of the Church. The new leader will build upon the legacy established in order to continue Southdown’s presence within the Catholic community and collaboration with its trusted partners. The President and Chief Clinical Officer will help Southdown grow its residential program by offering new services and therapeutic supports and enhancing existing patient referral streams.

An entrepreneur, innovative while open to the ideas of others, will bring the appropriate approach to this role, namely, “meeting the Church where it is today,” while working relentlessly to create the best possible leaders for the Church of tomorrow. The new President and Chief Clinical Officer will be a reflective clinical practitioner who works on continuously evolving self-knowledge, both for themself and for the entire clinical program. The new President and Chief Clinical Officer will build on Southdown’s traditional programs of residential care, outpatient services and assessments, while bringing to fruition the newly developed idea of offering flexible, short-term programming, including a renewal program for Catholic priests and sisters as well as lay Catholics, to assist them to grow their faith, hope and well-being. Southdown seeks a humble servant leader who is visionary, empathetic, relational, with strong listening skills, strategic insight and patience.

The President and Chief Clinical Officer must be adept at working with clinicians, administrators and support staff, as well as Board members, in an approachable, empathetic and authentic manner. Rightly proud of its exemplary standing with Accreditation Canada, Southdown seeks a leader who will continue to insist on high clinical standards, by a clinical approach which will be open to new models of treatment or programming that will best serve Southdown clients and their therapeutic needs.

Recruitment Process

We appreciate the interest of all applicants but will only be contacting candidates whose skills, experience and qualifications best meet the requirements of the position.

To apply for this position with the Southdown Institute, submit your cover letter and resume by June 16, 2023. Please reference the Southdown President and Chief Clinical Officer in the subject line of your email. Send your application, including cover letter and resume, to Joan M. Green & Associates/LBCG at:


We are mindful of the importance of championing diversity amongst candidates. The project team is fluent in current diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression practices. We are committed to ensuring a respectful and inclusive recruitment process.

Accommodation Statement

Joan M. Green & Associates/LBCG fosters a culture of inclusion. We will make any appropriate accommodation based on any of the protected grounds in the Human Rights Code to support candidate participation in the recruitment and selection process. All candidates will be provided with an understanding of the expectations and requirements of the process in order to ensure full participation of all qualified candidates.

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Together with LBCG, Joan M. Green & Associates make the following acknowledgement with respect to Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples:

With humility and in the continuing spirit of being active participants in the reconciliation of Canada and the Indigenous Peoples of the land, we acknowledge that we are working and living on the traditional territory of many nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit River, the Anishnabeg, the Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat, which today is home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. As a firm and individually, we are educating ourselves to know and understand the Truth and participating with Indigenous colleagues to play our part in advancing Reconciliation.