Request for Quote - Registered Psychotherapy Services


Request for Quote Registered Psychotherapy Services

Issued: January 24th, 2022


Hands (the “Agency”) is seeking a quote for the provision of Registered Psychotherapy Services, with rates to remain valid from January 24th, 2022, to March 31st, 2022, with possibility of extension.


About Hands


Hands is an organization working to create a better day today and tomorrow for our clients, families, and communities. We are dedicated to improving the life experiences of families, children, youth and adults with mental health concerns or a developmental disability, by providing them with help and support in facing and working through social, emotional, behavioural, physical, and developmental difficulties. 


Our professional team helps more than 11,000 individuals in North Bay, Nipissing, Muskoka, Parry Sound, Timmins, and Northern Ontario each year. We provide quality clinical, navigation and professional support in the areas of autism, behavioural, developmental, mental health, and rehabilitative services.


Services Required

The Agency provides core mental health treatment services to children, youth, and families, primarily with moderate to severe mental health concerns.


The Agency is seeking quotes from qualified service providers (the “Contractor”) to offer virtual psychotherapy services to clients on evenings and weekends. The Agency would consider contracts with an end through June 30, 2022, or earlier. Contracts would have the possibility of extension.


The Contractor may provide up to 7 hours of service each day, on Saturdays and Sundays, between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. Weekday evening hours are also available. Multiple POS contracts may be issued recognizing that different providers will have different availability and evolving client demand; Contractors are asked to indicate availability to provide service during the identified time periods in their submission.


Clients will be assigned in advance. Initial and one to two follow-up sessions may be required, aligned with a Brief Services Model.


Contractors will be expected to document a brief assessment and a treatment plan, required for the client file, identifying clients who may need and are consenting to additional more intensive services.




  • Master’s degree and registration as a Social Worker or Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), or as a Registered Psychologist, with at least two (2) years direct experience
  • A Bachelor of Social Work degree with registration with the OCSWSSW, and a minimum of 5 years of direct evidence-based treatment experience will be considered
  • Experience implementing therapy with children, adolescents, families
  • Knowledge and experience in assessment and treatment best practices; evidence-based Brief Intervention Models and Crisis Assessment/Intervention training required
  • Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated ability to use a variety of computer software
  • Bilingualism (French/English) is considered an asset
  • Clear Criminal Record Check, including vulnerable sector search


Other Requirements


The Contractor agrees that they will be engaged in an independent contractor relationship with Hands


The Contractor will be responsible for the provision of an appropriate workspace and all equipment and technology required to engage in confidential, virtual sessions with clients. The Agency will provide the appropriate secure applications for videoconferencing and documentation requirements.


The Contractor is responsible for obtaining all insurance coverage necessary to perform the Services, including but not limited to Professional insurance and proof of Professional Liability Insurance will be required.


The Contractor agrees that they shall be solely responsible for any and all obligations, including claims, premiums, penalties or other demands relating to workplace accident insurance and/or the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and Board. Further, the Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Agency from any and all claims or other obligations relating to workplace incidents and accidents.


Request for Quote Requirements


Contractors are asked to submit a quote with the following information:


  • Name and Contact Information
  • Resume outlining education and other relevant qualifications, as well as experience
  • Proof of education and registration
  • Hourly rate for provision of service
  • Signed confidentiality agreement



Quotes should be submitted to:


Reference: POS Registered Psychotherapy Services Human Resources Department

Hands 391 Oak Street East

North Bay, Ontario P1B 1A3


Quote Conditions


  • This request does not commit the Agency to award a contract.  The Agency reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotes/proposals, or any part(s) of any or all quote/proposal. Volume of work is provided for context and does not commit the Agency to any minimum volume.
  • This request does not commit the Agency to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of quote in response to this request and the Contractor agrees that all costs incurred in the development of this quote are the Contractor’s responsibility.
  • The Agency may require the potential Contractor selected to participate in negotiations and to submit revisions to pricing, technical information and/or other items of their quotes as may result from negotiations. The contents of the quote of the successful Contractor become contractual obligations, subject to negotiation, and failure to accept these obligations may result in cancellation of the award.
  • The Contractor will agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Agency and its authorized officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any and all claims, actions, losses, damages and/or liability arising out of this Contract from any cause whatsoever, including the acts, errors or omissions of any person and for any costs or expenses incurred by the Agency on account of any claim therefore, except where indemnification is prohibited by law.
  • The Contractor may be required to provide appropriate proof of insurance.
  • The Contractor agrees not to enter into any subcontracting agreement for work contemplated under the Contract without first obtaining written approval from the Agency. Any subcontractor shall be subject to the same provisions as the Contractor. The Contractor shall be responsible for the performance of any subcontractor.
  • Submission of a quote shall constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained in this Request for Quote, unless otherwise specified in the quote and/or negotiation process.
  • If, in the course of this procurement or in the administration of a resulting contract, the Agency determines that the Contractor has made a material misstatement or misrepresentation or that materially inaccurate information has been provided to the Agency, the Contractor may be terminated from the procurement process or, in the event a contract has been awarded, the contract may be immediately terminated.  In the event of termination under this provision, the Agency is entitled to pursue any available legal remedies.