Privacy policy

The privacy of your personal information is important to us. We keep all personal information confidential and protect it in the following manner: 

Online Shopping 

A key or padlock icon in the lower corner of the browser window identifies the security mode of a browser. When the browser is running in "normal" mode, the key looks broken or the padlock looks open. Once a connection has been established between you and our site, the key becomes whole, or the padlock becomes closed, indicating that the browser is now in "secure" mode.

In addition, your credit card information is never sent via e-mail over the open Internet and your credit card information is not stored after your transaction has been cleared. 

Mailing Lists 

OASW mailing lists are occasionally provided to carefully screened companies who advertise services with relevance to social workers (e.g., conference information, resources). Please note that e-mail addresses are never provided. Names are removed upon request - please email

Telephone/Fax/Email Enquiries 

If members of the public or OASW members call to obtain contact information about our members, we handle these requests in the following way:

When information is requested about a member, we contact the member on the caller's behalf; the member can then contact the caller at their discretion information related to your home address, date of birth, financial information, and e-mail addresses are never released we shred confidential information. 

Social Work Referrals

OASW is frequently contacted by members of the public (including managers of Employee Assistance Programs) to obtain referrals for social workers in private practice. Referrals are provided either by directing the caller to or a staff person performs a search of private practitioners from our membership database. Information provided consists of name, gender, city, specialty, degree, language spoken and phone number. 

Please see OASW's legal disclaimer on Audio/Video Recording on OASW's Events page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rita Mascherin, Manager, Administration & Services, by Email:, or call 416 923 4848 Ext 224.